About Void

“Rejoice! Today we officially celebrate our first guild holiday. The Please-whisper-guildchat-makes-my-head-hurt Day.”
Message of the Day at New Years Eve, 2012

About Void

Void is a Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming community on the RP-PVP server Lord Calypho, founded five days after the official launch Christmas 2011. We’re currently active on the Republic side of the ongoing galactic struggle.

As a community of likeminded gamers we encourage various playstyles and a personal choice in what you want to achieve in the game. Therefore, we’re proud to have different kind of events you can participate in or even organize yourself: operations, player versus player, roleplay, crafting and general help with developing characters and leveling up.

We currently have about 40 active members with usually 10-20 online at evenings and weekends.


We encourage a mature, yet free spirited, social and creative mentality on top of an aggressive and successful tactical approach, while having fun and loads of it. We also live in the real world and in our philosophy a tad of “hardcore gaming” and a healthy “real life first” attitude are not mutually exclusive.

In short – we’re as much hooked to the game as you probably are and try to contribute to the server community as much as possible while at it.

Roleplay wise, the guild is based on a theme of conspiracy and philosophy, with a hint of Paranoia and Hitchhiker’s Guide Through The Galaxy, as we strive to achieve galactic domination – and more!

More about that in our storyline.