Datacron Guide

This guide is based on the datacron guide of "Covenant of the Phoenix".  

SWTOR Spy has another awesome and more complete guide with screenshots.

Datacrons: Everything you need to know

The most accurate Datacron Guide in the galaxy!

Datacrons are small cubes hidden throughout the universe of SWTOR. They grant bonus points to a single stat or a matrix shard. Datacrons glow and emit a pillar of colored light into the sky making them more visible. They also make an ambient sound that can be heard when in close vicinity of a datacron.

Each type of datacron has a specific color:

Strength: Red
Endurance: Green
Willpower: Purple
Cunning: Orange
Aim: White
Presence: Yellow
Shards: White with unique pattern.

There are 4 different colors of shards: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. These shards can be used to make Matrix cubes.

Check out our Matrix Cube Guide for more information.

Locations by Planet:

There are a total of 66 Datacrons in the SWTOR universe.

Ord Mandell

3 Datacrons

Red Matrix Shard (GH #14)

Mannett Point: 778, 134
This Datacron is Northeast of Falks Reach Speeder on the beach, north side of the island. A level 8 boss will be guarding the datacron.

Aim +2 (GH #12)

Savrip Island: -657, -575
When you arrive at the island you will notice a rocky hill, the Datacron is on top of that hill. You should be able to see it's glow as soon as you enter the island. This is a group area consisting of various strong and elite level 8 mobs.

Presence +2 (GH #13)

Ord Mantell - Mount Avilatan: -975, 203
This Datacron is located west of the Volcano on the beach. Nothing special needs to be done to get to this datacron, you just have to run up the beach from the Volcano Camp.


3 Datacrons

Endurance +2 (GH #9)

Tython - Elarian Trail: -33, -101
This Datacron is in a cave on a mountainside. East from the Forward camp, is the entrance to the cave located in Flesh Raider Territory at -28, 55. Simply follow the cave path, killing a few level 6 mobs along the way for the Datacron and a wonderful view.

Blue Matrix Shard (GH #11)

Tython - The Forge: -93, 919
South of the Forge Remnants, there is a path starting at -175, 802 that leads to the Datacron. The Datacron is on a slightly raised area with a "strong" flesh raider worshipping it.

Willpower +2 (GH #10)

Tython - Upper Kaleth: -642, -70
From the Forward camp proceed to the Ruins of Kaleth, up the stairs to the second level and to the first building on the right. Once inside the building, climb the rubble on the left and then up the fallen tower you'll see on your right. Keep right, passed the stump and the tree.


5 Datacrons

Endurance +2 (GH #4)

Black Sun Territory: -3625, 150
Go to -3772,132 and begin climbing up the crates from the backside. Eventually, the crates lead you up to a pipe next to a ledge. Climb on the pipe in order to jump the gap onto the ledge and start heading right, along the walkway. The walkway eventually leads to a break in the path by some pipes. Jump on the pipe that diverges to your right and follow it to a new walkway. Drop down to a new pipe that leads back across the gap and follow it to the previous walkway. Continue on the walkway til you get to a dead-end. Over the ledge is a narrow walkway that leads towards the datacron. Drop over the ledge onto the narrow walkway and continue directly to the Datacron.

Presence +2 (GH #8)

Old Galactic Market: 2320, 10551
Run up to the third and highest platform in the Shipping and Receiving Docks. The Datacron is laying in the wide open; difficult to miss.

Cunning +2 (GH #5)

Justicar Territory: 1020, -3969
Begin by climbing the crates at 1034, 3968 that will eventually lead you up to a set of pipes. Carefully jump the gap between the pipes (try NOT to jump from the edge). Cross a skinny pipe that leads to a thick pipe along the wall. Follow the thick pipe until it drops down to a skinny pipe. Drop down (do not jump) to the intersecting skinny pipe that leads to a platform. A few easy jumps away is the Datacron.

Strength +2 (GH #7)

Jedi Temple: -3087, 3031
In the Jedi Temple ruins, head over to the leaning pillar (around -3106, 2922) that leads up to the second floor. Once on the second floor turn left and follow the ledge to a remote platform. A Sith boss is meditating here, ignore or kill him. On the Northwest corner of the platform, jump to the lower, narrow beam.

Yellow Matrix Shard (GH #6)

The Works: 950, 4541
Start by jumping on the pipe along the wall at 1173, 4421. Follow the pipe as it snakes around the area. After some jumps, the Datacron awaits. 


3 Datacrons

Endurance +2 (GH #15)

Korriban - Valley of the Dark Lords: 128, 81
Near the shuttle that you leave the planet on.

Willpower +2 (GH #16)

Korriban - Lower Wilds Outskirts: 529, 64
This is located on a plateau near the first shuttle your quests will take you.

Red Matrix Shard (GH #17)

Tomb of Tulak Hord - The Ruined Atrium: -42, 582
Located in the non-instanced group area inside the Tomb of Tulak Hord.


3 Datacrons

Aim +2 (GH #1)

Hutta - The Bog: -94, 859
Climb the pipe at -163, 911 up to the hill. Keep right and follow the path along the side of the hill. It will lead you straight to the datacron.

Blue Matrix Shard (GH #3)

Sewer Maintenance Tunnels: -10, 322
Behind the champion boss.

Presence +2 (GH #2)

Hutta - The Rustyards: 650, -107
This datacron is located on an island. Follow the pipeline, that starts at 497,-41, to the island and the datacron.

Drommund Kass

5 Datacrons

Strength +2 (GH #19)

Dromund Kass Spaceport - Docking Bay D-61: 855, 643
Begin by going up the walkway that starts at 865, 642. Once you get to the two crates on the right, walk along the east side of the crates and drop down to the south-most pipe. Follow the pipe right over the datacron.

Endurance +2 (GH #20)

Dromund Kass - Lord Grathan's Estate: -795, 1451
At -729, 1496 in Lord Grathan's Estate, there is a path that leads straight to the datacron.

Yellow Matrix Shard (GH #18)

Dromund Kass - The Malignant Bog: -188, 1737
At -63, 1693 in The Malignant Bog, there is a path that leads up to the top of the waterfall and the datacron.

Presence +2 (GH #21)

Dromund Kass - Spaceport Expanse: 581, 796
Follow the road that heads Southwest from the starport to its end.

Cunning +2 (GH #22)

Dark Temple Approach: -1219, 211
This Datacron is located on top of a rock. Head to -1089, 210 and climb the crates to jump up to the rock formation. Turn right to find and follow a path that leads to a vantage point over the datacron. Jump your way down to the datacron.


5 Datacrons


Cunning +2 (GH #29)

Balmorran Arms Factory – Power Center: 1850, 111
Below the dock, the datacron rests upon a rock.

Green Matrix Shard (GH #30)

Neebray Warehouse - Lower Level: -505, 1989
Two people are required to access this datacron. Take the elevator down to the Lower Level. Down here, you will find two switches on opposite sides of the room that must be pressed simultaneously in order for the force field that is blocking your path to the datacron to be deactivated.


Willpower +4 (GH #55)

Gorinth Canyon: -781, 2067
Head to (-655, 1830) where you will encounter a pipe that expands to the southwest. Cross it and follow the path it leads to. The path will empty right over the datacron. Drop down (do NOT jump) to the datacron.

Endurance +3 (GH #54)

Colicoid Queen’s Nest: -485, -233
In the Colicoid Queen’s Nest, follow the path that starts at (-358,-230). The datacron is perched on a column in the room the path empties to.

*The locations are shared, yet the datacrons are different per faction.

Aim +2 (GH #28) (GH #23)
Cunning +4 (GH #56)

Okara Droid Factory – Assembly Line: -1019, 1514
Take the lift to the assembly line and look for the hidden entrance at (-1024,1514). Carefully drop down to the datacron.

Willpower +2 (GH #32)
Aim +4 (GH #53)

Farnel Research Facility: 192, -343
First, purchase a Lost Code Cylinder from the vendor located at (670,38) to open the locked box this datacron is in. The locked box is on easily visible portion of a destroyed bridge.

Strength +2 (GH #31)
Presence +4 (GH #57)

Gorinth Canyon: 727, 2033
Head south from the Sundari outpost and across the bridge. Go to the start of a path at (695,1879) and follow it, past a white turret, to the datacron.

Nar Shadaa

5 Datacrons

*The Empire datacrons are unconfirmed on this planet.*

Strength +6

Location: 1943, 2481
Near the Network Access Taxi you will be able to look down and see what looks like a taxi below. You need to carefully fall to the platform that taxi is sitting on. That taxi will bring you to a Datacron. You can then use the communicator to return.

Presence +6

Location: 2930, 397
This datacron is on a raised platform in the Rebel Refugee Section in the Duros Sector. You are going to need some serious platforming skills to access this one. You start your platforming at 1616, -2676 (No that's not a misprint). You want to jump on the boxes, hop on the beam, run to the catwalk, jump on a "canvas" to the next catwalk. You will see an elevator, take it to the Residential Catwalk. At this point you are above the datacron, look around, plan your moves and claim your prize. It should be noted that if you fail to hit the beams after you take the elevator, you will either die to the fall or the groups of four elite mobs; enjoy!

Aim +6

Location: -3700, -1692
This datacron is on a raised platform in the Corellian Sector. You will notice a floating Kiosk in this area, it makes a circle around this room (takes approx 10 mins to complete a circle). You will need to jump onto the roof above the bench at -3785, -1681 (use the nearby crates and shelves to get there) and get your ride on the floating Kiosk at that location.


Strength +3 (GH #37)

Shadow Town – Access Tunnels: 2192, 3068
In Shadow Town, head to (2302,3060) where you will need to climb some crates to a walkway. Follow the walkway til you reach a overpass; cross it. Get on top of some boxes on the left and jump to the near pipe. Follow the pipe north til you reach the second perpendicular pipe on the right. Jump up the pipe along the wall and on to a circular platform. Look westward and notice a large platform. Jump up to it and then look northward. Jump to the near pipe and follow it to the opposite wall. Drop down to the pipes along the wall on your left. Jump your way between the gaps as your cross the pipes and small platforms til you reach a ledge. You will find an elevator there that will take you to a secret area. The datacron awaits at the end of that area.

Aim +3 (GH #33)

Nikto Sector: -3364,-3312
Head over to (-3303,-3402) where you will find small boxes next to some crates. Start climbing the crates up to a canopy. Follow up the second small pipe that intersects the canopy to a larger pipe. Cross the larger pipe as it leads to you to a wall with more pipes to follow. Jump your way to the ledge walkway, and keep following it as it turns left. Once you get to (-3397,-3336), jump down to the nearest post below. Follow the post line directly to the datacron.

Precence +3 (GH #35)

Red Light Sector – Catwalks: 3340, -3291
In the Gauntlet Gang Area, head to (3690,1342) where you will find a small box next to a ledge. Jump up to the ledge and follow the canopy to a second level. Take the elevator up to a new level and the datacron.


Cunning +3 (#34)

Incinerator Room:1930, 3313
In the High Security lockdown area, head to (2033,3355) and jump up the boxes to a ramp that leads to a walkway. Follow the walkway to a terminal that grants access to the incinerator room. Once inside, quickly make your way to the terminal and select the option that reads “326:3839″. A door will open to the datacron and a new terminal that gives you an item you’ll need for the Yellow Matrix Shard datacron coming up.

Yellow Matrix Shard (#36)

Network Security District – Maintenance Terrace: 1702 3084
In Network Security District, head to (1700,3089) and climb the boxes. Once upon the highest box, jump to the pipe along the wall. Jump up the pipes and platforms til you get to some boxes under a ledge. Leap up to the ledge from the boxes. The datacron will be on this terrace. Use the item from the Cunning +3 datacron to gain access to it.


5 Datacrons


Cunning +6

Location: -720, 3912
This is on a rooftop in Mos Ila and will require jumping from rooftop to rooftop until you get to the right place. You can start your roof walking at: -1005, 3887.


Cunning +6

Location: 959, -2885
One in Anchorhead above the Underworld Trading trainer, you get to this by prince of persia styling from a wall in the north-west corner with sand built up to allow you to get onto the wall (You need to be outside the main city walls to locate this).


Willlpower +6

Location: 625, 202
You need to stand on the edge of the ledge (Location: 586, 294) and look down, you will see a protrusion in the rock face, there is a cave there. You need to carefully jump to that location across the rock face.

Aim +6

Location: -2071, 755
This Datacron is located on the wing of the crashed ship. You will need to access this from the cliff face in the Crashed Transport Ship (Group Area).

Strength +6

Location: -3841, -600
This Datacron is on the side of the sand crawler. You may access it by standing directly against the side of the sandcrawler.

Blue Matrix Shard

Location: -3850, -600
This Datacron is on the top of the sand crawler. You may only access it by taking a ride on the jawa balloon, look around coords -3158, 783 for a partially buried sand crawler, this is where you will get on the jawa baloon. Jump off the baloon when you're over the sand crawler with the datacron. The balloon takes roughly an hour to circumvent Tatooine so do this when you have time.


5 Datacrons

Endurance +6

Location: 2721, 2494
You will enter a cave at: 2374, 2450 and follow the tunnel that goes strait in. You will see a blast pack attached to the wall that can be used to blow away rock and claim your Datacron.

Strength +10

Location: 2191, -2018
This Datacron is located on the face of the dam, on a small ledge. You need to go around the backside of the dam, and jump from 2240, -2026 using obstacles to break your fall halfway down. There is a "Magnetic Stabilizer" right above the platform, you can click on it from the nearby ledge and it pulls you over.

Aim +10

Location: 1105, 80
This Datacron is located on an island that is only accessible via a very slow trolly, You may enter the trolly at: 1090, -7.

Willpower +6

Location: -2507, -425
This Datacron is inside Castle Panteer on the Mezzanine floor. You will find a door that looks forced open, it leads to the grand staircase.

Presence +6

Location: -162, -336
It's halfway up the big rock holding up the centre of the bridge in Glarus Valley. There appears to be no access to this Datacron.

Presence datacron state value not confirmed.


5 Datacrons


Cunning +10

Location: -643, 1606
You will enter the Abandoned Pirate Cave at -768, 1191 and take the elevator in the back of the room to the bottom floor (Republic Mine). When you arrive at the room with the Datacron you will notice a bulldozer in the room. You will need to jump onto the bulldozer and then jump box to box until you reach the Datacron. The closest flight path is Bomber Command Post. This one is frustrating, but at least you won't die to fall damage!


Willpower +2

Dynamet General Hospital - Emergency Exit: -364, -148

Make your way to the Dynamet General Hospital Research Level (the lowest level of the hospital) to the room where the tunnel path empties. Below the right staircase, beyond a cluster of rumble, is a path (Emergency Exit) that leads straight to the datacron.


Endurance +6
Aim +2 (GH #23)

Public Resettlement Zone: -1513, -255
Walk along a wall ledge that starts at: -1367, -208 for a good while. Once you reach broken silver pipes, jump to them and follow the left one over the gap towards a large redish-brown debris. Jump down to a pipe that is just over the north edge of the debris you are on. Follow the pipe right, til it comes to an end. Jump down to the wall ledge and follow it til it overlooks a platform. Drop down to the platform and a hole that leads to the datacron.

Willpower +10
Green Matrix Shard

Abandoned Power Plant: 1050, 1039
You need 2 people to get this datacron. Below the datacron on the lower area, you will find a platform and a switch at 1053, -182. Stand near the middle of the platform as a second person activates the switch. The interaction launches you to a pipe. Drop down onto the lower skinnier pipe that intersects the pipe you landed on. Follow the pipe to the end, and then jump to the datacron.

Presence +10
Strength +2

Transport Station 5: 1187,-574
The Datacron is located on a raised platform; it is fairly easy to get to. Start at 1109, -157 and jump your way to the glowing red pillar of light.

Aim +10
Aim +2

The Tularan Marsh: 1047, 454
Run up the pipe at 1183, -170 til it ends and jump to the left platform. Continue on the platform to a wall; start following the wall ledge path. Once you get to 969, -173, jump right onto the silvery-gray structure. Run and jump along the structures and platforms, its a pretty straightforward path. 


3 Datacrons:

Endurance +10:

Loc: 207, 769 - Look for a swear pipe with bars and you should be able to see the datacon, theres a entrace to the datacon from the north and south.

Cunning +10

Loc: 426, -130 - This is northwest of the Republic Operational Headquarters. Fairly easy to find, go to the target area, you'll see a hole in the fence.

Strength +10:

Loc: 558, 1422 - Near the three families war camp on a hill.


5 Datarcrons

Red Matrix Shard:
Loc: -735, 1702 - This Datacron is located in the Highmount Ridge area which is South of Leth Outpost. The Datacron is out in the open, nothing special needed to claim it.

Cunning +10:
Loc: 3143, 471 - This Datacron is located on the second floor of the Star of Coruscant. You will need to use the 3 moving boxes to navigate your way to the Datacron. Your starting point is 3248, 493. The entrance to the Star of Coruscant is on the bottom right of the starship graveyard.

Presence +10:

Loc: 1041, -1245 - This Datacron is almost a strait shot North of Frostwake Outpost near the top of the map. It appears to be on a hillside and unreachable however at 1145, -995 there is a ledge on the hillside that you can hop onto and ride it North. When the ledge ends you jump down (hug the wall) and follow the path through a cave and to your Datacron.

Endurance +10:

Loc: 2837, -374 - Jump up the ice from the start (2607, -844) until you are above what looks like an ice bridge, which you drop down onto. Then follow the routes jumping up the ice at the end to get to the right level and the Datacron should be at the end.
Strength +10

Strength +10 (Still haven't found this one)


5 Datacrons:

Aim +10 (GH 68):

Loc: -2354, -2319 - In the tomb area, look for a lava pit and travel across the hard to see laser bridge.
Green Matrix Shard (GH 71):
Loc: -1906, -2562 - In the tomb area, there should be a lift in a small cave that takes you down to a machine that requires a group of people that all contain a Rakata Energy Cubes to create a datacon. Known spawn points for Rakata Cubes are: (-2711, 888), (-2789, 956), (-606, 746), there are likely other spawn points as well. At present time, this Datacron is broken and does not give you the promised Matrix Shard.

Willpower +10:

Loc: -2073, 377 - In the Belsavis high security section you will find a pathway located at (-2399, 391) follow it to the Datacron.

Presence +10:

Loc: -3484, -867 - Your start point for this is a pair of rocks (-3705, -562). You will notice a tunnel between the rocks, follow it and walk along the ledge to the right to the datacron. This is located in the Belsalvis Maximum Security Section almost directly to the east of the Maximum Security Thoroughfare.

Endurance +10:

Loc: -2562,-839 - This Datacron is located in a cave in the Northern section of the High Security Area. Starting point is -2475,-775 there a large group of rocks there go around and climb on the rocks and you'll see a large gap between the rocks and the wall go down this gap and you'll see a cave entrance the datacron is inside the cave.


5 Datacrons:

Strength +10: Unconfirmed
Endurance +10: Unconfirmed
Cunning +10: Unconfirmed

Willpower +10:

Loc: -29, 371 - This one is fairly strait forward to get to. At location -442, 402 you will see a grassy path, which you will follow to a rock formation (-432, 179) forming "steps" you will jump from one step to another. At the top of the steps there is a cave, you will follow the cave to your prize. Near the Fort Kodentha flight path.

Presence +10:

Loc: 2000, -940 - In the Northeast corner of the nightmare lands you will find a small island with three Voss Mystics meditating. You will click on a mediation tablet that will put you in a dream state. You need only click the Datacron at this point.


7 Datacrons:



5 Datacrons: