Space Daily Guide

by Sangha

At the end of your pilot career, you unlock a Space Daily in the "Impossible Sector".

Which gives 2 daily commendations for like 7 minutes of Pew Pew. Not too shabby. ;) You can even unlock it as soon as level 48.

While the mission is by no means impossible, it's a pretty tough one and you can't do it without some serious investment in your ship's equipment. It's relatively easy to get that stuff, though.

Gear Layout for the Advanced Pilot

  • Armek Ship Armor (grade 6 purple, craftable)
  • Quellegh Industrial Energy Shield (grade 6 purple, craftable)
  • Hoersch Kessel Shield Generator (grade 6 purple, craftable)
  • Sienar System Beam Charger (grade 6 purple, craftable)
  • Kuat Drive Yard Missile Magazine (grade 6 purple, craftable)
  • Rendili Hyperworks Beam Generator (grade 6 purple, quest reward for one of the Ilum sector space missions)

You also get special equipment from the space commendation vendor. It's a very friendly droid named S-4S0 you should check out at the northeast section of the fleet at -4450, -4833.

  • Power Conversion Module (30 fleet commendations, "stance" for either 50% more damage or shield recharge)
  • Proton Tube (50 fleet commendations, heavy hitter missile)
  • EMP Generator (150 fleet commendations, AE blast)
  • Electronic Warfare Pod (90 fleet commendations, 10 sec damage immunity)

Out of these, the Power Conversion Module is the only key item, you keep the damage stance up and recharge shields in the quiet phases. (your shields only recharge when you're not firing your blasters)


On top of the 2 daily commendations, the fleet vendor sells a couple nifty things for the regular fleet commendations, like a moddable (gender neutral) light set (with a moddable belt, too!). And purple level 50 lockboxes for any spare commendations you have.

Orders for ship parts in the guild bank thread please. :)