“Never say Gogogo.”
Freely translated wookie saying


Rule Numero Uno. Have fun. Make others have fun and enjoy. It’s a game and we play it to relax and have a good time.


This goes a long way, inside and outside the guild. Drama, negative flames or trolling will not be tolerated. We encourage a mellow, helpful and social atmosphere. Don’t confuse that with political correctness or a lack of sarcasm. We wouldn’t want that.

All around the world

Please respect, that we’re based on an all European server and are an English speaking guild. The guild chat and group channels should reflect that at all times, using common sense for exceptions.


We’re not having any policies on “minimum gaming time” or expect a member to participate in all our guild events. We encourage however, to join as many of our activities as you enjoy, be it operations, roleplay, crafting or smacking Imperials all over the floor.

Most importantly: Real life comes first. Full Stop. Exclamation Mark. Having said that, it is really helpful to know who’s on vacation or off the game for a while, so if possible, please leave a notice about that in our vacation thread.

We do expect our active members to check the guild forum at least semi frequently, to stay updated with general guild information and event organization. Please also note any announcements in the ingame message of the day.


The minimum age for joining the guild is usually 18.

This is to a) ensure a mature guild environment and b) to ensure our at times totally immature guild chat gets no poor kids into lots of trouble. As stated before, a free spirited atmosphere in guild chat is encouraged and there will be no censorship.

Please also be aware, that in group, ops or general chat there might be both children and parents present. So please keep the overly naughty stuff to an acceptable limit in public channels, using common sense and respect.


We encourage you to support other guild members to the absolute maximum, for example with quest help, crafting and sharing of BoE loot. This is to a certain extend a private matter, share only what you can afford and want to share, however, a greedy or rip off mentality will not be tolerated. The common goal is to have the best of equipment and support at all times and the easiest and quickest character development possible.

This mutual support is completely built on trust and naturally won’t be a “balanced” exchange at all times. As a strong community we will find lots of ways to effectively generate in game wealth, however, and the better the support, the faster characters turn effective.

With common sense and some natural greed instincts on the market, this is also encouraged outside the guild boundaries. We received a lot of help building this guild, so giving back to the server community is the natural thing to do and will ensure the best and most synergetic of relations to other guilds and players.

Loot Shmoot

Everyone likes loot. If loot matters more to you than social interaction, however, you should consider joining a more PvE specialized community (read: …of spoiled brats). Loot flames or greed will not be tolerated, as itemization is clear and easily grasped by common sense. Typically, we therefore use random loot to speed up the actual fighting, annihilating or whatever we consider fun at that moment.


Although we are not a focused role playing guild, we greatly encourage roleplaying and creating a living, breathing “star wars-y” atmosphere at all times. Keep in mind please, that we are on a RP server.

This is even a wonderful thing to do on OOC (out of character) channels like Trade or General. If possible, be creative, humorous and at all times respectful: “Want to take a sightseeing tour to Athiss? Sangha Travel Agencies offers you a mind altering experience! Dedicated medic personal preferred.” might be more fun for everyone than “LF1M Athiss, Healer pls”.

Roleplaying as much as possible is merely suggested and by no means a necessity or absolute obligation! (even the former example might just be too much spam on peak times, use common sense here).

There will be zero tolerance, however, for disturbing or ridiculing other players private roleplay (even if they are roleplaying virgin vampire Jedi telepaths…tempting, I know...)