“If I told you more than only a half truth, your mind would instantly shatter into pieces.”
Sangha, founder of the “Void”

The Void Mythology

Void, as this secluded fellowship is known to outsiders, is a mysterious gathering of interested parties to explore so far undiscovered ways of the force. They claim to be scholars and scientists, working together on preserving and maintaining the delicate balance of the universe by in depth research into all the various aspects of the Force. The combined light and dark facets, creating a mediated grey shade in between, are metaphorically known as The Void. Or as an ancient text says: the emptiness behind the veil of the unknown (…whatever this means).

At least that’s what the officially known version states...

Several more or less substantiated rumors about the order’s true intentions run across the galaxy. Many are claiming, that further research into the society has been suppressed for a long time - even forcefully - by any means possible. How much truth there is to these allegations, is widely discussed by those who still dare to do so, professional journalists and crazed conspiracy theorists alike.

However, some public criticism is to be expected, as Void is more or less openly recruiting a steadily rising number of mercenaries and bounty hunters, seemingly being involved in various business activities including arms production and even shadier endeavors like slave trades and spice running.

There are only speculations about the orders current strength in numbers. Membership is only granted by inheritance or recommendation, the structure is compartmentalized and the research done is passed through the ranks on a need to know basis only. Members are sworn to keep these secrets for life. What is commonly known and whispered about in the galaxies cantinas: to enter the Void is to enter a world of mystery and complexity.

As diverse and exclusive as the membership, are the motivations behind the makers. Some strive for personal gain, some for mystical experience, some for political goals. Shrouded by secrecy and subterfuge, it remains a mystery at this point, what the true intentions of the orders inner circle are.